Manbag #19 – Why

Today is World Ostomy Day and in a week’s time I will be, hopefully, a third of the way through the Lakes in a Day 50 mile ultramarathon. I thought I’d try and answer the question. Why? Why am I doing this? Partly to raise money for Colostomy UK. Partly to raise awareness around life … Continue reading Manbag #19 – Why

Manbag #16 – 2nd anniversary – Giving Something Back

  It’s my second colostomy anniversary, a scary and reassuring thought. Scary in the speed that time passes. Reassuring that I remember it was a potentially life saving operation and that I do not regret for a minute the decision to not have a reversal and keep my colostomy. So to recognise and celebrate this … Continue reading Manbag #16 – 2nd anniversary – Giving Something Back