Run Every Day – Day 18

A very long metaphor for depression – I was told this on a Mindfulness course and it makes a lot of sense and I could relate to it.

Depression is like walking down a street and you fall in to a big black hole, it may have surprised you or you may have seen it ahead of you but your momentum carries you there. With help, and a chunk of time, you climb out of the hole.

At an unspecified point in the future you are walking along and you fall in the hole again, with a little less help you climb back out. As awareness grows, you see another road but you still take the road that leads to falling down the hole. Sometimes (this is the bit I really relate to) you know there is a different route but the thought of a new route is scarier than the familiar route of falling down the hole and being helped out again.

Finally you have the courage, support etc to take the new road and ignore the road with the hole in. (I am reasonably confident I am here). You have the tools and support structures that will, hopefully, keep you on your new route.

It doesn’t mean that you will never fall down that hole again, or circumstances change and a new hole opens up in a different road.But you have the knowledge, awareness and the courage to realise that you can get out of the hole and find a new path.

I managed to explain all of that without using the word ‘journey’ possibly the most overused metaphor in the world.

Red Day 17 – 30 minutes

Been a busy day, I only get out at 7.30pm and I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow and I know that I will be going for an early run tomorrow morning so slow and steady is the order of the day. No exploring just a simple up Capt French, down Gillinggate and a river, Aynam road figure of 8 loop x2. Job done.


Church Walk

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