Run Every Day – Day 14

Day 14

Not quite half way – but getting close. Mat from Space2Create created the Comic Art Trail window for the shop back in October. The theme was a riff on mental health with the line – ‘I am defined by my creativity not by my illness’ – couldn’t have put it better by myself. That phrase can work for any illness physical or mental, and you can insert whatever your passion is instead of creativity – none of us want to be defined by an illness – unless you find the cure.

As part of this Run Every Day I have found myself running along the canal from Canal Head to Parkside Rd which I hardly ever do. I tend to join the canal at the bridge on Parr St and then run to Parkside. As part of this I have noticed the allotments on the left hand side. I like allotments they encompass a bit of decay. generally in the little sheds that have battled the elements for decades. This is offset by the ever changing colour/growth/decay of the seasons and the cycle of vegetables and nature. So I spotted this little green shed a splash of muted colour amongst the stark lack of colour in the middle of winter. I decide that I want to photograph this shed and the allotment as it goes through it’s cycle of life, renewal and decay this year.

Run Every Day – Day 14 – 30mins

A bit pushed for time today so it is out for a 30 minute spin on what has now become my default route for this challenge. As I turn on to Dowker Lane I spot the little white spider web patterns of frost so I make a note to just run at a steady pace and take a bit more care on the corners. The sun is shining and it is a crisp clear morning, so the run clears my head after a few large glasses of red that were drunk last night. Along the river, round Aynam Rd, loop round the Castle inn and then back along the canal from Canal Head to Parkside Rd.  Job done!


Allotment No 16 – Canal Head

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